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What to look for When buying a Hood

A  new car hood is one way to give your vehicle a facelift or enhance its value for resale. Sometimes the hood of your vehicle can become damaged and in need of repair or replacement. Need to buy a hood for your vehicle? Some of the tips below should come in handy while you are searching.

Model and Year
It is important to have on hand the details of the vehicle in terms of year and make. This is needed because all hoods do not fit all cars. This is where your vehicle identification number or VIN comes in handy. The VIN usually contains seventeen characters; the fourth to eighth characters usually indicate the vehicle model. The year of manufacturer is indicated by the tenth character.The VIN can be found in different places depending on the vehicle . The most likely places to find it are the dashboard, fender and the  windshield.

Interchange Number
This is one of the first things to consider when buying a hood. Sometimes replacement parts are successfully used for vehicles instead of purchasing the parts designed for the model. These parts are often salvaged from other vehicles and recycled for this purpose. An interchange number helps to identify the parts that will fit your vehicle.
Some auto dealers have software that makes the search for interchangeable parts easier. This software automatically generates the list of possible replacement parts when vehicle details are imputed. The vehicle interchange number is helpful in this process.

Hood Type
A car hood can be made of vinyl, pvc or metal. Durability and cost vary with these different types of hoods. The vinyll hood, for instance, is not as durable, but is ideal for buyers who have a limited budget. PVC or vinyl hoods, for instance, are much less durable than metal. Find out whether your car hood comes in these different types.The advantage that the vinyll hood has over the metal hood is that is it shinier and easier to clean.

Reputable Dealers
It is important to source your car hood from reputable dealers. Buying from a reputable dealer means that the chances of finding the right hood increase. This increases the odds of finding a hood that fits and suits your needs.
After purchasing and installing your new  car hood, start a good care regimen to ensure that you get the most out of it. After all, your vehicle hood is a valuable asset that not only protects your vehicle's inner machinery but also gives it an appealing look.